14 февраля 2022, 12:48

Contest inform letter

Dear friends,

The Linguistics Department of Bauman Moscow State Technical University is happy to invite you to our annual National Student Contest in English for Engineering Universities. We have been organizing it for the past 6 years and over 20 Russian teams from different cities and towns have taken part in it.

The Contest topics were many and varied. Among them are «Space Research», «Role of Women in Science», «Additive Technologies» and others. This year we are planning to discuss «Bio-engineering».

Traditionally our Contest lasts three days. On the first day, the participants watch a video, do grammar and vocabulary tasks based on it, solve brain teasers and crossword puzzles. The second day is dedicated to short creative reports on given topics within strict time limits and in various forms, like making videos, conducting debates, etc.

The last day is the Award Ceremony. Several times we were invited to the British Embassy in Moscow, but mostly a short concert is organized by our talented students to celebrate the participants of the competition.

Last year we successfully organized the Contest online. We hope that this year will not be an exception and we will manage to hold our Contest in spring in a hybrid way: some of the participants will take part in-person, the others will be able to join us online. In addition, this year we are arranging a separate session for deaf and hard of hearing participants.

Join us and have a taste of the Contest!

The time is not fixed yet. We will inform you soon.

 If you are interested in it, do not hesitate and contact us:


We are looking forward to meeting your University team!


Organizing Committee